Optimizing Building Health

Utility Auditing

springridge_feature_325x220_4Springridge Technologies in conjunction with a strategic partnership with Navigate Power and through their National Utilities Refund (NUR), can capture the past 3 years worth of discrepancies of rate codes, utility billing and taxes.

What is alarming is that 80% of companies have some sort of problem in these categories.  Navigate Power helps commercial property owners and managers reduce their energy footprint by 5%-30% through our auditing capabilities.   In addition, Navigate Power in conjunction with a strategic partnership with EGT, is experienced in delivery the following solutions and services:

·  smart metering and demand response

·  new generation HVAC and refrigeration and building solutions

We pride ourselves on targeting beyond the low hanging fruit, and as a result, we are more thorough than any other utility auditing firm. Moreover, since there is no cookie-cutter approach in place to perform the audits, we are fully committed to executing an in-depth audit so as to make everything 100% accurate and efficient, purely on a contingency base. With over 60 years of combined experience and having performed over 3,600 audits in 48 states, our team has proven to deliver by having 95% of our audits result in repeat business.