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Energy Procurement

springridge_feature_325x220_1Springridge Technologies has developed a  strategic partnership with Amerex Energy Services to provide best in class energy procurement and risk management services to our clients.

Amerex is a little different from most energy consulting firms. Their unique combination of unparalleled insight  into both wholesale and retail markets, scrupulous objectivity,  demonstrated flexibility,  creative problem-solving,  passionate customer focus and  a pre-eminent team of professionals sets them apart from other energy consultants.

 Springridge Technologies chose Amerex because of several key factors.  Amarex was founded over 35 years ago and over that time has become one of the largest wholesale brokers of electricity and natural gas in the nation. Amerex Energy Services leverages this wholesale energy  expertise and ongoing market awareness  along with their vast retail consulting experience to  advise and support  hundreds of commercial, industrial, governmental and institutional entities in developing and implementing a custom energy procurement strategy that conforms precisely to their risk tolerance, financial imperatives and operational requirements.

Amerex Energy Services functions solely as the client’s advocate in an ever-changing energy marketplace, providing best-in-class strategies and tactical plans to achieve and exceed clients’ business objectives.  They offer access to all of the nation’s premier energy suppliers but are not affiliated with any one.  They are comfortable handling  any degree of complexity or type of buying strategy and strive to make sure clients have all the information they need to make the best decisions at every step of the way.  Where other suppliers say they track energy markets and watch for opportunities, Amerex does so on a continuous basis with real-time and historical information  from their wholesale brokerage.