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Springridge Technologies

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springridge_feature_325x220_3Springridge Technologies (ST) has assembled a team unparalleled in the LED industry to help our clients navigate through this dynamic industry.  Springridge Technologies has brought together experts in several key areas to insure that your LED investment is one that you can trust and rely upon.  Springridge Technologies will pursue all avenues to create a LED package where you will have no direct COSTs.

Functioning as an ESCO, Springridge Technologies will pick the best manufacturer and pricing for your project with factory direct pricing from 10 of the top U.S. LED manufacturers.  This is critical not only from the standpoint of capturing the best pricing but also finding the ideal product for the use needed.  The LED industry is changing dramatically and Springridge Technologies remains at the forefront by striving to be aware of all the rapid changes in product availability and technology.  Springridge Technologies will incorporate this knowledge in creating a proposal specifically designed to meet your needs and specifications especially with regards to location, lumins and colors.  This proposal will then be evaluated and certified by Springridge Technologies through a simulation if necessary.

Energy savings varies with the facility. But LED lights have an average life of 50,000 hours, about 50 times longer than equivalent incandescent bulbs, and require 70 to 80 percent less power. The energy-consuming ballast needed to regulate fluorescent fixtures is eliminated.

“The total energy saving is only one part of the savings that you see. The other part is through reducing maintenance, inventory and labor costs”.

Springridge Technologies can incorporate a variety of lighting panels and bulbs of various sizes into its lighting solutions, available in an array of colors. Being very small, LEDs can be easily integrated into all sorts of objects, furniture and architecture as colorful accents or hidden light sources.